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Relationship Status?
How Did You Hear About Me?

While I do sincerely wish I could do all of this for free, these tests take time, energy, care, and nuance. Your purchase covers my time, which helps me to continue doing what I do ♥️. 




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Before reaching out to me with questions make sure to read the
Terms & Conditions first

*If your man controls your finances somehow, or if you simply can’t afford it, please reach out to me and tell me your story here:

Madeline is the absolute best to work with for emotional development and building both trust in relationships and yourself. I knew I was drawn to her personality but wasn't sure what she would offer beyond loyalty tests until I saw for myself. I have a whole team of supports -- from a therapist to acupuncture to yoga & meditation and a life coach -- and none of them have offered me the insights of self reflection that Madeline has when it comes to my romantic endeavors. If you're looking to develop yourself to be ready for love when it comes, look no further than working with her. It's not so much Madeline fixes your love life, it's that she gives you the tools and different perspectives to do it yourself. 


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Please keep doing what you're doing!! You're saving so many women from unnecessary trauma. You are a queen!!

- Anonymous

As a Clinical Psychologist, I can attest that the service Madeline provides is invaluable and can make a huge difference in re-establishing a sense of safety within a relationship. Sometimes your gut feeling is there for a reason and to ignore it is dangerous. Her responsiveness is unmatched and her caring concern for her clients is clear. I highly recommend her.

Stephanie Vaughn, Clinical Psychologist-HSP and owner of PSYCHē, PLLC

I have no idea what I would have done without this awesome lady, doing gods work for us girls getting screwed over by BOYS. Thank you for being amazing and helping me. But not only helping me realize I was dating a scumbag. But for helping me through this time and being a friend as well. Madeline is honestly the best. ❤️ I love this cool ass bitch. 😉❤️

- Stevie

I reached out to @madelinetheReal for a loyalty test and am so grateful that I did! Not only did she keep her word and only go with what I was comfortable with but she kept me posted and even messaged me afterwards to make sure I was emotionally ok after my guy failed the test miserably. She is an amazing person and if I ever have doubt about a man in my life I will ask again for another loyalty test!
I highly recommend her for anyone looking to have loyalty test done for their relationship she goes above and beyond for everyone.

- Anonymous

Madeline is a GODSEND! I LOVE HER! She's doing so much good for women and relationships, but also one the nicest people I've ever worked with! Cannot recommend her and her services enough!! Don't even think about it, just do it! She's worth sooooooooo much more than she even charges. Seriously, aaaammmmmaaazing!!


I honestly can't thank Madeline enough! Not only was she super quick to answer but she was both amazing and kind to me. She was patient with me whenever I texted her multiple times out of anxiety. She honestly is an amazing person and I am glad she was there to help❤️

- Dija

Honestly this girl helped me avoid the biggest mistake of my life. She is amazing, powerful and so understanding. Her support and care was out of this world and I will forever cherish her help. As much as I am so devastated of the outcome I am so glad I reached out to her. It was a pleasure having such an inspiring woman help me push through such a difficult time. She kept me updated throughout, knew the boundaries and when things needed a push. I had complete trust that my girl would do what was best for me. If you ever need someone, she is the one! Thank you once again hun <3

-Anonymous xox

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