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A Note from Madeline:

To all the amazing women who have reached out to me with offers of support for those in need: thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your kindness and generosity are an inspiration to me.

I am constantly humbled by the love and compassion shown by the women in our community. For some, the struggle to make ends meet is overwhelming, and they barely have enough to put food on the table. For others, the means to leave their difficult situations are within reach, but they need a helping hand to take that first step.

That's where you come in. Together, we form a powerful force of compassion and support, an "army" of women who refuse to let our sisters suffer alone. It takes more than a village to make a difference in the lives of those in need; it takes an army.

So I call on all of you, my women army, to continue to support and uplift one another. Your contributions, no matter how big or small, make a tangible impact on the lives of those we seek to help. Let us come together to create a brighter future for all women, and let us never forget the power of our collective love and strength.

With gratitude and love,



*These funds are solely for the purposes of assisting women

with their individual needs, and I do not keep

any profits for personal or financial gain*

Our Current Mission

I am writing to you today with a heavy heart to tell you about a mother and her child who are in desperate need of your help. This woman has been living in a nightmare, trapped in a marriage with a man who has been cheating on her and subjecting her to unspeakable acts of verbal and physical abuse. Her husband controls all of their finances, including her own paycheck, leaving her with no means of escape from his sickening grip.

Despite the pain and suffering this woman has had to endure, she has been working secret jobs between commutes to & from her children's school to save up money from to create a secret fund to support herself and her child. I find it beautiful and courageous that she found the strength to keep going, even after he has tried to strip away every last shred of her dignity and worth.

But now, she needs our help. I am asking for your support in raising $5,000 to provide a safe and secure home for this courageous mother and her child. With your help, we can cover the first and last month's rent, as well as a security deposit for a new apartment. Your donation will help us pay the apartment directly and provide the resources needed to help this woman escape her abuser and start healing from the unimaginable trauma she has suffered.

It's know it's hard to put into words the disgust and anger that we feel towards these kinds of abusers. But we can't let our anger consume us; we have to channel it into action. By donating towards this woman's journey, you can help us give this brave mother and her child a second chance, and a fresh start.

So as part of my Women Army, I believe in us to help support this mother and her young child. Together, we can help her escape the clutches of her husband and move toward healing, a better life for her child, and the love and respect she deserves. Thank you for your compassion and generosity. It's your turn to say "I got you, girl." ♥️

Love you all,


Can I donate via Amazon Wishlist?

Due to the privacy and security of the clients, many women do not want to participate in an Amazon wishlist. Even with the highest privacy settings, you can still see their name and/or town they reside in. Often times, they are trying to leave a specific household and do not want anything shipped there, as their address may change and/or they would prefer the help they are receiving to remain discreet from the partner they are leaving. 

Who/where does it go to?

I build a personal relationship with many of my clients. Based off my own careful discretion on their individualized needs, I distribute funds accordingly. No cash is ever given. In situations of paying bills, rent, etc., I contact the appropriate party and make the donation directly while obtaining the proper paperwork to ensure legitimacy. 

What items are the funds used for?

Anything from rent, diapers, clothing, groceries, keeping the heat on, etc.

In some cases, these funds will assist with medical and legal expenses paid directly to the bill collector.

How much goes to the women in need?

EVERY PENNY of what you donate goes directly towards helping these women.

I do NOT keep any profits for personal or financial gain. 

Can I donate directly to one woman?

Due to the nature of privacy laws, I have found it most efficient and secure to create a single place to donate. This protects both myself and donators from having women submit fictitious stories in order to benefit from the empathy of viewers and receive undeserved funds. I use extremely careful discretion in choosing who receives these funds.

What if the Mission's goal is exceeded?

We make every effort to use donations in accordance with the donor's wishes specific to the current Mission, but in certain circumstances when the goal is exceeded, we may redirect donations to other women in need that align with our business objectives of helping women. 

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