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I’m Madeline. I grew up in a home that was not conducive to self love or awareness. Witnessing and enduring abusive behavior on a daily basis was my “norm”. Everything that felt congruent in my heart, I was told was wrong. As much pain as this caused, it started my journey of self discovery. At age 16, I started my college degree in psychology. But life is never that simple.


Fast forward years later to finding myself a single mother of 2, I knew I had more changes to make. I was dedicated to finding my true inner peace and loving the person I am. I was exhausted from the betrayal and I was sick of giving every ounce of my love, to get little to nothing back in my relationships. So, I did the internal work (made plenty of mistakes) and finally found myself in a place where I could help others going through the same challenges.


My journey of helping women had an unexpected start where I became a confidant and safe place for a few friends in tough situations. I was able to provide support to these women and their children in abusive and toxic situations where I then found myself submitting evidence to attorneys, courts, and even testifying in court on their behalf.


This ignited my passion for helping women who feel they have nowhere else to turn and being a safe place for those who don’t have one. Because I certainly know exactly how that feels.


Our journey is forever changing, and our internal work is never done. Throughout our human experience, we all need one another. And I’m here to help you through yours.


I’m here for you and I got you.





My personal mission in life is to help women. But it wasn't always that way. Not because I didn't want to help, but because I was the woman who needed help.


I know what it's like to feel scared and abandoned.


Shortly after I had my first child, I felt at one of my lowest points. With a baby who didn't sleep, no family, and a husband that had been betraying me...I had little to rely on. I had no money and couldn't work because well, I had a newborn and also an injury from pregnancy that made it difficult to even walk. I felt useless and alone.


I had made a new small group of friends whose babies were born around the same time. We agreed to meet for a free Mommy & Me class. I didn't want to go, I didn't want to use the gas in my car. But I went and at the time I had 30¢ in my bank account.


I was not okay.


When I broke down and cried to a woman that I barely knew, she comforted me and told me it would be okay. Later that evening, she showed up with bags and bags of groceries from Trader Joe's. I cried.


Another woman in the community that I donated breastmilk to learned I was struggling and she bought me a few needed baby supplies without hesitation.


I became close with another mama who I confided in, and she helped take me to the WIC office where I was able to get assistance for groceries. (Fun fact: I actually ended up giving birth to my 2nd child in her house!)


I vividly remember sitting in a dark room, feeding my baby, in horrible physical & emotional pain and just sobbing.


It wasn't my spouse, my mom, or my friends that were there for me at that time. It was a group of women who knew what it was like to feel scared, to feel alone, and to need a village.


You all are my village. And you have all been a village to so many others.

I appreciate you ♥️


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