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*Always Confidential! Always Anonymous!
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1.Fill form out carefully - if there are typos and I cannot find you due to inaccurate contact info - your test will be severely delayed. 

2. Regardless of payment method used, use still need to push the 'submit & pay' button at the bottom

3. It is your responsibility to reach out to me via IG after you submit (email me if you need my username).

I do not reach out first due to privacy reasons.
(if no IG please email me info@themadelinebrand.com)

How aggressive should my approach be?
Relationship Status?

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How Did You Hear About Me?

Take a deep breath, girl!
Take a minute and read the info below

Q: How quickly will you start the process?

A: Please understand that I am doing my best to get to everyone as quickly as possible. There is only one of me but I want to help everyone! Due to current demand this process can take up to a week, but typically, I will make contact with you between 24-72 hrs & will start the process . 

Q: Can I expedite the process? I need to know NOW! 

A: Yes! You can skip the line by adding a tip below. Higher the tip - higher the priority although anything is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Q: How much does this cost?

A: Surge pricing in effect - check below for prices! I’ll be straight and to the point with your man to get an answer quickly. If you think he might be suspicious or that it might carry on for a few days to establish trust and build rapport, just let me know. I’ll work with you. My goal is to help you get the answers you DESERVE, and am always fair with pricing. Sometimes it takes TIME and that's what I charge for. 


Q: Have you ever been “found out”?

A: I’ve been doing this for years, and am great at what I do. I’ve loyalty tested many suspicious men, and know just what to say to them. Worry not girl, we’ll get your answers. 

Q: Am I the one calling the shots?

A: Yes, you can call a stop to this at any time. Once you’ve seen what you need to see, he will be blocked immediately & there will be no further contact. However, please be respectful of my process. I have a proven method and it works!


Q: This is completely confidential, right? 

A: YES! Under no circumstances will I release any personal information about you. This service is 100% anonymous & always confidential. 

Q: Is the billing discreet?

A: Yes, I also have my own skincare line, so it will show up as: “themadelinebrand.com Shopping”


Q: Do we stay in touch during the process?

A: Yes! We’ll be in constant contact via IG and I’ll keep you up-to-date on everything. I check my DMs multiple times per day, and I won’t leave you hanging! Feel free to check in with me any time! 

Q: Why are there different pricing options?

A: I truly take my time to come up with the right approach, give you all the info, and go the extra mile. Different platforms require various levels of time and effort. 

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For CashApp & Venmo Payments (preferred method)

Pay separately after you submit the form!



After you submit all your info please screen shot it and send me a DM on Instagram with the caption 'form and payment submitted'
This is how I confirm payment and establish contact with you. I will not reach out to you first. 

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As a Clinical Psychologist, I can attest that the service Madeline provides is invaluable and can make a huge difference in re-establishing a sense of safety within a relationship. Sometimes your gut feeling is there for a reason and to ignore it is dangerous. Her responsiveness is unmatched and her caring concern for her clients is clear. I highly recommend her.

Stephanie Vaughn, Clinical Psychologist-HSP and owner of PSYCHē, PLLC

I have no idea what I would have done without this awesome lady, doing gods work for us girls getting screwed over by BOYS. Thank you for being amazing and helping me. But not only helping me realize I was dating a scumbag. But for helping me through this time and being a friend as well. Madeline is honestly the best. ❤️ I love this cool ass bitch. 😉❤️

- Stevie

I reached out to @madelinetheReal for a loyalty test and am so grateful that I did! Not only did she keep her word and only go with what I was comfortable with but she kept me posted and even messaged me afterwards to make sure I was emotionally ok after my guy failed the test miserably. She is an amazing person and if I ever have doubt about a man in my life I will ask again for another loyalty test!
I highly recommend her for anyone looking to have loyalty test done for their relationship she goes above and beyond for everyone.

- Anonymous

I honestly can't thank Madeline enough! Not only was she super quick to answer but she was both amazing and kind to me. She was patient with me whenever I texted her multiple times out of anxiety. She honestly is an amazing person and I am glad she was there to help❤️

- Dija

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Please keep doing what you're doing!! You're saving so many women from unnecessary trauma. You are a queen!!

- Anonymous