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Buffing Brush

Buffing Brush

This Buffing Brush is perfect for mousse application on areas such as the face, wrists, feet, knees.


While providing an airbrushed, light result it is also helpful for blending in color in tough places that tend to gather unwanted color (elbow crease, knees.)




Hand wash with soapy water, rinse until water runs clear. Air dry with bristles down. 


Vegan Material. 


    For face application, pump a small amount of our Bronzing Mousse onto the brush. Apply in a circular motion. Gradually apply more product until the are is sufficiently covered.

    For all over airbrushed look, this process can be repeated on entire body. 

    To help blend color in tricky areas, take excess color existing on skin or mitt and blend into areas such as knees, ankles, wrists, hands, etc. 


     Ships within 3 business days from Los Angeles, California Warehouse.

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