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Product FAQ:
Q: How do I care for my mitt?
A: The mitt is reusable and washable. We recommend washing under water after each application and storing on top of the mousse bottle to let air dry.
Q: Can I use my mitt with other products?
A: Yes! The Madeline Brand Applicator Mitt is perfect for those at home self-tanning products to ensure an easy and flawless application. Our mitt has a high quality water-proof isolating layer on the inside, which will protect your hands during application to prevent your palms from tanning.


Product FAQ:
Q: How many applications can you get in a 7oz bottle?
A: You can achieve 8-10 full body applications, the amount of product used in each “application” will fluctuate this average.
Q: What color will develop with the Bronzing Mousse?
A: This has 10% DHA, which is a medium tan, developing a beautiful deep golden tan with buildable color.
Q: Can you apply multiple coats if desired color is not achieved after first application?
A: Most definitely! This lightweight formula is very universal in the fact that you can do multiple coats if desired. Wait about 5-10 min in between applications or you can apply an additional coat after rinse shower following day.
Q: Should I prep for the mousse like a spray tan?
A:For best results it is always recommended to shave and exfoliate prior to applying, however you can always apply to any skin surface, just know the longevity of your tan will be compromised but you can always apply again when you start to see your tan fading.

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