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'Femme Fatale' Faux Mink Lashes

'Femme Fatale' Faux Mink Lashes

Introducing "Femme Fatale" - a lash style that captures the allure of a seductive siren. These lashes are designed for those who want to embrace their power and make a bold statement. With their dense, jet-black strands and subtly tapered ends, they beautifully frame your eyes, creating a mesmerizing gaze that demands attention. "Femme Fatale" lashes add a touch of mystery and evoke confidence, leaving a lasting impression wherever you go.

3D Faux Mink Lashes
- Inner lash 5mm
- Outer lash 14mm
- Lash strip Length 32mm

  • Why 'Femme Fatale'?

    Hi, Madeline here ♥️
    I wanted to tell you why I named these custom lashes 'Femme Fatale'. 
    'Femme Fatale' lashes personally serve as a symbol of unwavering determination. These lashes embody our unwavering determination and resilience, representing our refusal to accept any kind of bullshit. It embodies the essence of all of our collective strength inspired by the power and beauty we possess, empowering us to expose those who betray trust us and stand up for ourselves. 
    'Femme fatale' is a French term that translates to "fatal woman". It refers to a seductive and mysterious woman who uses her attractiveness and charm to manipulate and entrap others, often leading them to their downfall. (hehe)
    'Femme Fatale' lashes are a powerful symbol of women who refuse to tolerate any form of mistreatment or deception. .
    We will not be silenced or manipulated. To me, they serve as a reminder that we have the power to expose the truth and rise above any challenges we face. Wear them boldly.
    My Women Army, we will not take any shit from anyone. Let the world be captivated by your fearless gaze, as you stand tall and inspire others to embrace their own strength and demand the respect they deserve. (Lashes not required 😉)

  • Shipping

     Ships within 3 business days from Los Angeles, California Warehouse.

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